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Revamp – House Slippers

Okay, so I got a pair of house slippers from my mom. She got them as a gift, but they were to big so she gave them to me. I wear a size 10. These are Old Navy slippers they sell around Christmas time. I got them like 4 years ago. They are my favorite. I made the mistake of walking outside with them though. They had a cloth bottom. My boyfriend suggested I put plastic or rubber of somekind on the bottom. I had an old pair of Old Navy flip flops I had worn out and I thought “hey, I should just put them on the bottom of my slippers”


In the photo you can see the torn bottom to the right. I wanted a comfy pair I could walk outside with and even on a damp surface. I’ve stepped outside after a rain in those without thinking about it. That’s what probably broke them down the worst. I know your probably thinking, “why doesn’t she just buy new one” because I love them, they are comfy, and I am picky, plus I like to recycle and if that means keeping two pairs of shoes out of the laidfill I am happy.

I used snippers to cut the flip flop thong part off. Then I used E-6000 glue to adhere the flip flops to the bottom of the slippers. Then I just set something heavy on it. I would take a look and see if the glue spills over. If so wipe it off now. You’ll have to cut it off later if you let it dry. Let this set 24-48 hours.

And there you have it. Revamped slippers you can get the mail in.



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